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Rose Research Group:  Professor Rose joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UT Austin in the Fall of 2012 and is actively growing his research group in the areas of synthetic bio-inorganic chemistry, heavy main group/1st row metal interactions, and semiconductor functionalization.

UTeach:  UTeach at the University of Texas at Austin includes the original UTeach STEM teacher preparation program, a national expansion effort for that program, and a number of local STEM education initiatives, all supporting the improvement of STEM education and the public education system overall.

Juice from Juice:  A Caltech-based outreach program, "Juice from Juice" is a program where you learn how to generate a current using blackberries and solar energy! In addition, we show you four other labs that you can do in your classes, covering chemistry, physics and biology.
Chembark Chemistry Blog:  A Caltech-based outreach effort aimed at the working chemistry community as an open forum to discuss some of the most important issues of the day in chemical research including: Nobel prize winners, ethics in scientific publishing and the history of chemistry.          

CCI Solar:  The National Science Foundation (NSF, funder of this Outreach & website) has funded a multi-institutional umbrella grant for some of the best scientists in the world to collaborate on developing an efficient and sustainable solar water-splitting device.  This research combines the efforts of inorganic chemistry, photoelectrochemistry, membrane technology, catalysis and materials research.          

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